Announcing the retirement of this blog

Not gone but not updating Hello to all that visit my blog Thank you for all the years of coming back for content.  For a variety of reason that I have discussed in my NEW BLOG SITE here A New Day – Fabian G. Williams ( I will cease […]

Create and Use a Microsoft Search Graph Connector Step by Step

Our Desired Outcome In this blog post we will accomplish the below goals: Outline What problem does Graph Connector solve Explain Why you should use a Graph Connector and How Explain what External Data is and how to create it Explain what an External Data Schema is and how to […]

Leave Behind for Galactic Collab Summit Azure Functions Session

This post supplements my earlier session at the Galactic Collaboration Summit recently held virtually. My session title was Getting Started with Microsoft Azure Functions where I covered exactly what it says.. “getting started” but I also did a few demos one high level and the second demonstrated how to use […]

Set up Azure Machine Learning Local Environment Series

Preparing your environment This blog post series will focus on how to set up ones environment for doing work in Azure Machine Learning (Azure ML) using Python 3.7.3 and Jupyter notebooks for design and execution.  Python is aided by the Anaconda distribution and we employ packages such as Pandas, Numpy, […]

Azure Functions at ESPC 2019

ESPC with a dash of Azure I am happy to be back at the European SharePoint Conference (ESPC) for this 2019 and I am looking so forward to coming back to this conference this year in Prague to share my knowledge and experience in what I believe to be a […]


SharePoint Conference 2018 Recap – SPC2018

Key Take-Aways from SharePoint Conference 2018 Recap – SPC2018 I loved my time and experience at #SPC18 in the MGM Grand Hotel Las Vegas. I won’t even pretend to be objective in this blog post. I welcomed the return of a SharePoint conference, and while I get the idea and […]

Which works better for the modern business MacBook or PC?

Why write this post? Admittedly, I came into this post with my own ideas and answer to the question posed; Which works better for the modern business MacBook or PC?  I planned to lay out a strong case, present my own opinion and findings from over the years when I […]

Windows Developer Outlook

Hosting your Docker in the Cloud 1

Précis In this post we will take the solution we now have working from our post here and host it in a cloud provider, in my case I will be using Microsoft Azure, but this can be just about any cloud provider, in fact if you go to Docker Cloud, […]